About Us

Our objective is simple: to fill empty seats in cars and help people travel together. We firmly believe that by making use of empty seats in cars, we can optimise travel costs for everyone, while reducing our environmental impact at the same time.

We travel for work or for fun and other different purposes. Travel widens our horizon, helps us overcome social barriers and makes us more tolerant.  But as a result of our increasing travel needs, the roads become too crowded and the environment gets more and more polluted. We strongly believe that the majority of Malaysians, like you and me, are environmentally conscious. There are many different ways we can make changes to conserve our environment. By sharing rides with people heading in the same direction, we can significantly help to reduce the number of cars on our roads.

At JomRider, we believe that travel is a fundamental right, not a priviledge. With your support and the prevalence of the internet, we can make travel more accessible for everyone, while helping to conserve our enviroment. We achieve this by connecting drivers with people heading the same way. By sharing rides, we create a new type of travel that is more social, affordable and sustainable.

JomRider helps not only to get people around, but also provides true social and environmental benefits to the real world.